Summer was over but on this particularly scorching hot late September afternoon, my friend Victor and I, decided to catch up over a few tacos at the new Essex Market hot spot – Brooklyn Taco Company. Owned by Jessie Kramer and Erica Molina , Brooklyn Taco has an exceedingly well deserved reputation of churning out tacos  that never disappoint. Jessie met us with a smile , firm hand shake and a detailed description of the menu. All the while his hands moved with a synchronized accuracy multi-tasking – taking orders, chatting with patrons and not skipping a beat.

At Jessie’s behest  we ordered the Chiloro Brisket Taco, Guaco Taco and fresh Bean soup. We scoffed down the Chilorio Brisket Taco in a matter of seconds. It was lightly dressed with a chipotle sauce that was just the right amount of spicy yet sweet; the Cotija Cheese and Creama accentuated the flavour of the brisket. The Guaco Taco – ( Avocado, raw sweet corn, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Lime, Crema and Cotija cheese ) was a modern twist on the more traditional guacamole taco with added bells and whistles – a perfect ten.

By the time our last order came – the fresh bean soup, we wondered if we could possibly bear to eat anymore, let alone anything that could match up to the tacos we had just devoured. Creamy, earthy, seasoned well, the bean soup captured our eager palates and left us craving for more.

Fresh bean soup

A hot cup of java was  the perfect end to a fantastic meal. We polished off our plates aided by the slow drip blue-bottle coffee – hot and toasty. High marks, Brooklyn Taco Co. gets, based on their abundance in hospitality and style. It’s rustic brooklyn even with it’s mexican influence.  Our mission accomplished (so cliché), we roamed in search of a bar to reminisence over our epicurean conquest.

Locations: Essex Market or Hester Street Fair